Estate Antiques Furnishings Collectibles Gold & Diamond Jewelry FEB 4th 10AM

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Antiques/Home Furnishings/Artwork:
Antique Bedroom Suite, Brass Fireplace Screen, 1800’s Painted Sheraton Desk, 2 Door Mahogany Cabinet, Vintage Wall/Mantle Clocks, Roseville Pottery, Vintage Mayflower Ship, Southwestern Pottery, Bar Light, Chandelier, Fabric Chest, Teak China Cabinet, Teak Entertainment Unit, Power Recliners, Glass Display Case, Wohlfort Wooden Bowls (Camphor/Mahogany), Gary Steven Sculptured Wooden Bowl (Vortex Series 3 Redwood Lace Burl One Originally Sold for 10,000), Bill Scott Dragonfly Drawing on Deckle Edge Handmade Paper, Danish Teak Cabinet, Approx 25 Multicolored Art Glass Pieces Signed or Stamped by Artist, Ting Shao Kuang Painting, Southwest Indian Pottery Wedding Vessel, S. Keliam Bronze Sculpture of 2 Dolphin w/Mermaid, Mid Century Modern 6 Drawer Dresser, Danish Teak Mid Century Queen Platform Bed w/Drawers, Oriental Motif Child’s Upright Piano, Antique Grandfather Clock, Mahogany Marble Top Side Table, Mahogany Marble Top 5 drawer Chest, Steamer Trunk, Mahogany Small Cabinet, Wicker Armchair and End Table, Pressed Glass, Floral Dishware Set, Sterling Silver Plate, Glazed Pottery, Mahogany Dining Table w/6 Chairs, Brass Glass Top Hall Table, Maroon Leather Wingback Recliner, Cherry Round Pineapple Base Side Table, Grey Cloth Loveseat, Grandfather Clock, Mahogany 3 Tier Console/Hall Table, Oak footed Jewelry/Lingerie Cabinet, Mahogany Drop Leaf Side Table, Mahogany Round Pedestal, Mahogany 2 Drawer Hall Table, Guilded Ornate Mirror, Floral Tray Table, Pickled Oak Rattan Table w/4 Chairs, Wicker Chairs and Round Table, Noritake Floral China, Lenox Dishes, Lladro/Others Figurines, Pyrex, Mahogany Pendulum Wall Clock, Mahogany Pedestal Oval Flip Top Table, Oak Desk/Bookcase, Oak 2 Drawer File Cabinet, Leather Executive Chair, Wicker 2 Over 2 Dresser/Mirror, Oriental Nightstands, Brass Headboards, Oriental Red Hall Cabinet, Asst Oriental Figurines, Contemporary Red Leather /Chrome Side Chairs, White Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa, Black/Glass Contemporary Coffee Table, Ornamental Iron Tea Cart and Oval Side Tables, Black Contemporary Hall Table, Round Contemporary Dining Table w/6 Chairs, Wicker Style Lounges/Chair/End Tables, Metal/Tile Inlay Patio Bench, Metal/Glass High Bar Table w/2 Stools, Black Oriental Nesting Tables, Oriental Figural Lamp, Oriental Privacy Screen, Mirrored Hall Table, Cherry Footed Jewelry Chest, Mahogany Marble Top Small Round Side Table, Ornate Triple Arched Mirror, Cedar Upright Cabinets, Mocha/White Small 5 Drawer Cabinet, Mahogany Dining Set w/Hutch and Server, Oak Dresser/Mirror/Nightstand, Leather Ottoman, Victorian Style Record Player, White/Blue Trim HB/Dresser/Mirror/Nightstands, Armoire, Yamaha Sonnet Piano, Ship Models, Replica Vintage Radio, Tiger Oak Small Cabinet, Oak Open Shelf Display’s, Padded card table Set, Padded Hall Bench, Mahogany Dining Table/Chairs/Hutch, Waterford Crystals, Oak Drop Leaf Hall Cabinet and More!!!
Jewelry & Coins:
14K WG 2ct Diamonds, 14K 7.5g YG Chain, Silver Ring (Broken) .08g, 14K 1.5ct Diamond 8.5g (Broken), Gold Filled Bracelet, 14K US 1.00 Diamond Ring 8.4g .66ct, 14K YG Ring 9.5g, 14K YG Band 9.2g, 14K Black Sapphire Ruby Ring Set 11.8g, 14K YG Bracelet 9.7g, 18K Sun Charm 16.5g, 14K Charm Bracelet 7.2g, 18K Topaz Ring (Damaged) 12.6g, 14K Rope Chain 2.8g, 60pt Diamond Ring I1 Clarity I Color 4.2g, 14K Mexico bracelet 15.5g, 14K Diamond Ring 7.2g 1ct Diamond, 14K Bracelet 4.0g and Much More!!!
Collectibles/Sports & More:
Vinyl Records, Ben Zobrist Signed Baseball, Josh Hamilton Signed Baseball, Mike Alstott/Carl Crawford/Baseball Figurine, DC Comics Books, Joe Wood Signed Collage, Payne Stewart Golf Collage, Brett Favre Signed Football in Case w/COA, Set of 2000 Tampa Buccaneers Playoff Tickets, Brian Mc Cann Signed Framed Photo, Nolan Ryan Commemorative Plates, Warren Sapp Signed Photo, New Guyanna Basketball Jersey, NY Yankees Signs, Carlos Delgado Signed Newspaper Clipping and Much More!!!
Buyers are required to use a credit or debit card that can cover their buy as the cards are charged for full amount of buys. No exceptions. 18% Buyer Premium will be added to item final price.Phone calls will no longer be made to confirm post auction. An invoice email will be sent after your card is processed. WINNING BIDDERS CANNOT PICKUP UNTIL THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.
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Black Garment Rack on Wheels623 - Black Garment Rack on Wheels
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Black Garment Rack on Wheels
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Mannequin Busts and Stand624 - Mannequin Busts and Stand
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Mannequin Busts and Stand
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